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Sea, beach, pinewood.

The blue sea with a sandy sounding is ideal for kids and rich in many fish species, making the typical sea plates very zesty.

The sandy beach stretches out for about 7 Km and features in some spots the natural dunes typical in the Mediterranean area.

The pinewood one of the few in the Adriatic coast, is perfect for walks and relax moments.

The town is on a hill, surrounded by olive fields and vineyards.

There are a lot of agriculture companies with very high quality products getting national and international awards.







 Vineyard  Petacciato
Vineyard - Petaciato


Beach and dunes Petacciato
Beach and dune - Petacciato


Beach and dunes Petacciato
Beach and dune - Petacciato


Beach and dunes Petacciato
Beach and dune - Petacciato

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Hotel Meridiano Termoli

Hotel Acquario Campomarino
Petacciato Petacciato


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Central Molise, Fortore Valley, Low Molise, Matese, Upper Molise, Volturno Valley

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