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Sport in Molise

Sea Termoli


 Mainarde and Lake of Castel San Vincenzo


Are you an active person who likes going jogging in the fresh air? Molise is the right place for you!

In Termoli, in the beautiful Rio Vivo bay, you can sail, surf and row.

Instead, if you love walking on the ground, you just need time. Why?

Because who loves tracking has a lot of opportunities.

In the Matese mountains you can choose from the tracks in the WWF Reserve of Guardiaregia, the Roccamandolfi woods and the Campitello Matese lowland.

In the Molise part of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, you will discover the beauty of Mainarde with the Meta mount and Mare mount summits, whose Italian names say it all. You can choose from the tracks beginning at the Castel San Vincenzo lake, at Rocchetta al Volturno, at Scapoli or at Filignano.


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In the high Molise the two UNESCO MAB reserves of Monte di Mezzo and Collemeluccio, and the lowlands of Prato Gentile at Capracotta and Staffoli near Agnone are waiting for you.

The mountains of Molise offer alpine ski runs at Campitello Matese and Nordic ski ones at Capracotta to the people who are keen on skiing.

If you love bike riding, in Molise you will find quiet roads and a lot of small villages to make discoveries in.

For example, you can go from Campobasso to Jelsi to see frescos in the Ss. Annunziata Chapel. Then you can go to Gambatesa to admire Renaissance paintings by Donato da Copertino decorating the castle rooms.


Staffoli Agnone

Campitello Matese


Special Offers

Basso Molise


On the Coast, you can leave from Petacciato, go to Termoli and then proceed into the low Molise, riding your bike in the endless up and down of the hills in front of the sea up to Larino, where you will be astonished by the beautiful façade of the cathedral.

Finally, don’t miss a rare opportunity: the “Tratturi”

They are ancient roads used by the shepherds during old centuries to move their animals from the mountains to the valleys.

They go across all Molise and many villages, such as Castropignano or Pescolanciano, are built along these ancient paths.

They can donate you emotions either if you walk on foot or if you ride a horse or a bike.


Special Offers

Cycling in Molise Staffoli Agnone Tratturo Celano - Foggia nel Comune di Lucito

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