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The region’s tallest mountains (Monte Miletto surpasses little more than 2000 meters), plains, woods, small towns and rich archaeological sites following one another.

All of this is Matese!


On the faces of the mounts, in the middle between the peak and the plain below, Sepino, Guardiaregia, Campochiaro, San Polo Matese, Roccamandolfi and Monteroduni are such small towns in perfect balance with the mountain welcoming them.
Their lights are touching when at night break the mountains darkness.

Be ready to seize all this part of Molise is able to offer you.



Guardiaregia WWF reserve with St Nicola waterfall, the multi-secular beeches named “Tre Frati”; the striking plains in Campitello di Sepino, Campitello Matese and Campitello di Roccamandolfi, are very good starts for hiking.


By crossing the woods, meadows and discovering sudden water springs, you’ll get to the top of Monte Miletto or Gallinola’s one and you’ll be able to listen to the wind.

In the winter time you’ll also enjoy skiing on Campitello Matese tracks.


Campitello Matese

Pignatelli castle Monteroduni  

If you follow the Tratturo Pescasseroli-Candela at the feet of the mountains you’ll discover the old Bojano and visit Civita’s impressive medieval village, dominated by the quiet.

From here the love for castles, will lead you first to Roccamandolfi, where a green path takes to the manor steeped above Callora stream and then you’ll visit Monteroduni, where you discover the elegance of Pignatellis castle.


Amidst Saepinum ancient ruins, you’ll go back to the Romans’ time. You can sit down in the theatre, cross the forum and the town ancient doors, see the columns inside the basilica.

In this archaeological site life has never stopped and this makes it unique and precious.

To all of these findings you’ll add some more for sure.
Start walking!

  Theatre  Saepinum

Castle Monteroduni Terme Saepinum Matese

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Bojano, Castelpetroso, Guardiaregia, Monteroduni, Roccamandolfi, San Massimo / Campitello Matese, Santa Maria del Molise/Sant'Angelo in Grotte, Sepino

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